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Juan Antonio Meléndez, MBA

My name is Juan Antonio Melendez Jr as a success-driven, highly analytical, and tenacious professional, with more than 10 years experience in providing finance and administrative support; supervising and mentoring personnel, and keenly analyzing and processing loans and investments. I was recognized for proven record of leveraging relationship-building and management skills in driving business toward significant growth and advancement within the banking and finance industries. I’m an expert at offering consulting services to private and public companies in developing strategic plans in order to manage and increase their cash flow; as well as directing staff to execute strategies focusing on market expansion and penetration. Diligent and passionate, with a reputation of going the extra mile to ensure successful completion of tasks and achievement of organizational goals.

Juan Antonio Melendez Jr. Contact Information

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn using my email address: jamelendez@ebsp.co or via Skype: juan_melendezjr.

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Contact me directly to discuss how I can positively impact your organization: 407.627.8454 (Eastern Standard Time)

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